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Directory Submission For SEO
Directory Submission For SEO

Directory Submission For SEO

How Directory Submission Can Increase Your Online Visibility

The most effective way to use Directory Submission is to get listed in Search Engine Directories like Yahoo Directory, DMOZ, and local directories like the Super Pages. NaturallyAust SEO  recommends you do this by taking your website’s details and submitting and distributing them across hundreds or even thousands of web directories including the ones mentioned above. But keep in mind, for sites that are brand new, Google doesn’t like it if you get too many backlinks at the same time. It is better to submit a smaller amount of directories each week.  This will make the entire process look more natural because it allows a consistent amount of links to flow in over a period of time with various link anchor text. It is important to use directory listing with various link anchor text related to your web site. Also, using rich titles and page descriptions for each of your listings will improve the process. Remember, the more sites that link to your website, the more popular and valuable your site will become.

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How Most Of The Search Engines See A Submission

Major search engines such as Google use directories to find search results. For instance, when a web user searches for something, the search engine crawlers scan the thousands of pages in online directories to provide results. If your site has already been indexed and categorized in the directory, it is deemed more relevant and thus achieves a higher ranking. This process is time-consuming but worth the effort! There are website submissions services that can help your website get added to proper categories in searchable online directories which enhance your site’s visibility and create many relevant inbound links to your site.

There are thousands of directories out there and a directory submission service can identify quality relevant directories for you in which your site will be listed and will have redeeming value for your website.

How You Can Easily Register For Positive SEO From Submissions

Another important factor is that a directory submission service can help your website improve Page Rank. Page Rank is a score that Google gives to websites that show their importance. For instance, a website with a page rank of 6 is more important and valuable to Google than a website with a page rank of 3. Also manually submitting to directories can help increase your ranking. The reason why this works is that it allows for a fine-tuned distinction from relevant and irrelevant websites. It allows you to submit to only those directories that are within your topic of interest and thus target only the audience you are attempting to reach.

Directory Submission will increase your site visibility on the major search engines, and in return that will increase your website traffic, and build backlinks to your site. Remember, the more backlinks that you have the higher up you will be ranked in search engines.



Resonance fm have kindly asked Richard James to produce two 90 minute programmes for their ground breaking radio station as a part of the ‘Free Range’ series. The first will be aired at 8pm on Saturday 25th January 2014 and can be listened to online or on 104.4FM in the central London area.

This first programme is a mixture of recordings from 2011 to 2014. It includes two tracks from a live performance project by the writer John Williams, a semi-fictitious autobiography of the 70′s and 80′s called Johnny Revive, one track from S4C film drama ‘Tir’, two tracks from an EP entitled In France, some field recordings and an unreleased album ‘All The New Highways’, recorded in 2011 and completed in 2013, which is played in it’s entirety here on the airwaves for the first time. Download release is April 2014.

The next programme will include the soundtrack to a Dylan Thomas inspired short film ‘The Colour of Saying’, a sound collage from recordings Richard made on a recent trip to India, and new music including collaborations with Trwbador and RSeiliog. Diolch/Thank you!

There are many people to thank for this first programme, so here they are –

Gareth Bonello (musician)
Iwan Morgan (producer/engineer)
Eugene Capper (producer/engineer/musician)
Andy Fung (artist/musician)
Laura J Martin (musician)
Jessica Swainson (artist)
John Williams (writer)
Charlotte Greig (musician/writer)
Rhodri Viney (musician)
Georgia Ruth Williams (musician)
Callum Duggan (musician)
Roger Williams (writer)
Kirsten McTernan (photographer)
Francesca Dimech (musician)
Ian Perry (musician)
Matt O’Keefe (musician)
Alun Llwyd and Kev Tame (Turnstile/Epa)
Richard Dowers RIP (landlord)
Ed Baxter at Resonance

and finally Edward Mugford (engineer/producer/musician) for amongst many other things, helping me put this mix together.



This is the second programme by Richard James for Free Range at Resonance FM, curated by Ed Baxter. The first piece is a collaboration with musician and composer R Seiliog aka Robin Edwards, a live improvisation recorded at Robin’s house. Then we have a track which is a home recording with The Gentle Good aka Gareth Bonello. Richard invited the writer Dan Rhodes to contribute some work and here he reads pieces from his book ‘Marry Me’. We then have a track performed at Richard’s house with former Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci leader Euros Childs. Written by Euros, it’s never before been recorded but they have played it live on occasion over the past few years. Richard made recordings of a British Council trip to India in December which comprises the India Sound Collage, before finally a score by Richard for the short film by Anthony Shapland ‘The Colour of Saying’, inspired by the work and Welsh landscapes of Dylan Thomas, shown as a part of Experimentica festival at Chapter Arts centre in November 2013. The image is of Kohima TV and Radio tower in Nagaland, India.

Richard thanks all the contributing artists, Edward Mugford for help in compiling the programme and everyone at ResonanceFM, especially Ed Baxter.